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The growth of digital media provides new ways for authors to monetize content, increase visibility, and strategically target their core audience. Greenleaf Book Group keeps its authors and publishers ahead of the digital curve through innovative editorial services, ebook conversion, distribution to a robust network of digital content partners, and progressive online marketing..

While the market share of ebooks is still a fraction of overall book sales, the number of consumers adopting new reading devices and formats continues to grow rapidly. Greenleaf works with authors and publishers to determine the most effective digital components for the publishing strategy behind each new title.


During the editorial process, Greenleaf creates multiple Twitter "tweets" and articles of varying lengths pulled directly from the author’s manuscript. This provides the author with an arsenal of content to use on his or her blog prior to the book release, for guest blogging on other blogs, for commentary material on other blog posts, and/ or for a publicist to use to develop media outreach articles. The author will generally need to write a few sentences to make the article relevant and tie it back to the book.


Most ebook retailers have adopted ePub as their preferred format for receiving ebook files. However, most content partners with proprietary reading devices also require a unique DRM (Digital Rights Management) “wrapper” to protect against piracy. Ebook retailers also require metadata, or title information, for new titles. Some econtent sites allow authors to upload their content directly for conversion. It’s important to note that in this case, the author does not typically receive or own the converted file. Greenleaf handles all aspects of ebook conversion, DRM, and metadata while our authors retain full ownership of the converted files.


The landscape of econtent retailers widens each year. Greenleaf partners with all of the major eBook retailers to target both consumer and library channels. We upload the appropriate files to each partner, monitor title postings for quality control, and handle all accounts payable/receivable and sales reporting.


The Internet gives authors cost-effective, highly-focused ways to increase visibility and reach communities of readers. Marketing campaigns work best when multiple media formats are combined, so all Greenleaf marketing campaigns contain an online component that is customized by genre to include components such as:

Amazon Optimization
Amazon.com is the dramatic leader in online book sales, but its system is automated to a very high degree. We provide optimization services to increase your book’s position in search results and its overall visibility on the site.

Online Advertising
Targeted online advertisements help create brand awareness and reach buyers in both industry and consumer channels. We strategize, design, and place display advertisements based on sales and online traffic trend data.

Online Excerpt Syndication
Online excerpts increase your book’s visibility in search results from online booksellers and major search engines. Also important, excerpts allow consumers the opportunity to preview samples of your book and confirm that it is exactly what they’re looking for. We syndicate your content to the search indexes of Google, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.com so that users can discover your book even when they aren’t searching for title, author, or ISBN.

Blog and Reviewer Outreach
Blog appearances (such as author Q & A, guest articles, and book excerpts) and reviews help build book sales by generating buzz with your target audience. They also leave a permanent Web footprint, increasing your search engine visibility and overall online presence. Greenleaf pitches high-traffic, genre-appropriate bloggers and top Amazon reviewers.

Once your title has been selected for publication or distribution with Greenleaf Book Group, we will contact you to discuss the best digital strategy and estimated costs.

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