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Targeted marketing services to national retailers, wholesalers, and specialty outlets. | Marketing

Greenleaf Book Group’s mission as a publisher and distributor is to develop independent authors and grow small presses. Staying true to this purpose, we built a book marketing organization that is creative, expansive, and sales focused. In a field crowded with demand-generating marketing initiatives that are vital but often produce mixed results, Greenleaf has designed marketing programs that concentrate on building sales and connecting supply with demand.

We divide book marketing into four critical components:

  • Supply chain marketing
  • Genre marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Publicity

Greenleaf provides services for all of these elements except book publicity. Greenleaf will work closely with your publicist to tie your demand to distribution while we focus on supply chain marketing, genre marketing, and online marketing—all sales-generating initiatives. For each book we represent, we build a customized campaign that includes a thoughtful combination of the programs described on the following page. Because the services included in our marketing package vary according to imprint and distribution strategy, details and specific recommendations for your project will be provided to you upon acceptance of your title.


Supply Chain Marketing

To balance supply with demand and translate your promotions into sales, you must have open distribution channels and invest in retail marketing, or “supply chain marketing.” Greenleaf concentrates on marketing to retailers in order to maximize distribution, leverage your demand generation programs, and directly influence sales. Our supply marketing programs include services such as direct mail programs that generate orders from bookstores and libraries, email and print advertisements to increase awareness in the book industry distribution coordination, and more.

Genre Marketing

Though Greenleaf does not offer book publicity or media relations services, the success of our sales campaigns is dependent on exposure to our clients’ core audience. To maximize awareness in communities of like-minded readers, Greenleaf’s marketing campaign includes genre-specific components such as targeted advertisements, book club promotions, award submissions, content syndication, and more.

Online Marketing

Marketing books on the Internet is one of the most direct ways to reach customers and build sales. Your marketing campaign includes an online component that is customized for you using sales and online traffic trends for your book’s genre and subject matter. Our online marketing program includes services such as Amazon.com optimization, which increases your title’s visibility and position within the site; blogger outreach; targeted banner advertising; social media strategy; and more.

Building Your Campaign

Every marketing campaign we execute includes all three sales-focused initiatives: supply chain marketing, genre marketing, and online marketing. Our programs are customized for each author, so prices and specifi c services vary from project to project, but all campaigns start with a base marketing package that is defined by imprint.

After your title has been selected for publication or distribution and assigned an imprint, Greenleaf will contact you with the details of your marketing campaign, including an estimate of costs.

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