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Giving author's ownership over their project with superior design, marketing, and distribution services. | Sets Us Apart

Greenleaf succeeds by operating within a fresh paradigm. Our publishing models combine the benefits of the major publishers’ traditional approach with the ownership, timeline, and control perks of self-publishing. Greenleaf matches each book with the appropriate imprint based on distribution strategy, and makes it possible for the authors and small presses we serve to compete with the major publishers’ production quality and profit margins without sacrificing control and independence.

Greenleaf gives you power.

We are one of the few publishers that allows its authors to retain full publication rights while still offering editorial, design, and production quality that matches—often even beats—the traditional publishing houses. We do not bind our clients to us contractually for any specified time, so our clients have the freedom to move about the industry as they please. Greenleaf clients own their work and navigate their careers on their own terms.

Our publishing model refreshes the industry without demanding unrealistic change.

Although many models designed to support independent authors, such as ebooks and print-on-demand technology, have been introduced to the industry, the Greenleaf model is the only one that works within the trade’s infrastructure. Other models try to develop an entirely new system for retailers, consumers, publishers, and authors. As one link of this chain breaks, the entire model fails; independent authors are thrown back to square one. Greenleaf ’s model, on the other hand, does not require change in consumer buying practices or retail ordering and selling practices. Our model relies only on changes by the author and publisher. This means the success of our clients is based solely on aspects of the industry within their sphere of influence.-

Greenleaf offers marketing solutions that produce real results.

Groundbreaking in the industry, Greenleaf ’s marketing programs are proven, sales-focused strategies for small presses and independent authors to get books on bookstore shelves, expand and leverage powerful sales platforms, and position their titles for maximum exposure to consumers and the supply chain.

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