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Weis, Allan

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Allan Weis

Allan H. Weis is the president and CEO of Advanced Network & Services, a nonprofi t corporation dedicated to advancing education by accelerating the use of computer networking applications and technology. He helped form the corporation in 1990 after a thirty-year career with IBM, where he held worldwide responsibility for strategy, development, and technical support.

Throughout his career, Weis has served on national committees and boards dealing with the future of communications and computing technologies, including committees of the National Academy of Sciences. He received his Master of Science degree from MIT as an Alfred P. Sloan fellow.

Can a company achieve profitable growth, work toward the betterment of society, and offer educational opportunities that bridge the socioeconomic divide?

Absolutely. And Advanced Network and Services (ANS) CEO Allan Weis explains how in this unique, inspirational story. An Internet pioneer, Weis describes the unusual business model that enabled ANS to create the backbone of the Internet—the same business model he and similar visionaries have used to help low-income youth find high-tech jobs and give inner-city achievers powerful opportunities. The Business of Changing Lives will help you balance your socially conscious desire to make a lasting impact on society with smart corporate management. By applying engineering acumen and social consciousness, Weis was able to lead his company to

  • design and operate in record time the largest and fastest part of the Internet;
  • sponsor an educational Olympics on the World Wide Web to introduce a new generation to the magic of computers, online learning, and the collaborative power of networking;
  • close the digital divide between the technologically privileged and the technologically destitute.

With compelling, insightful, and inspirational stories, this book offers inspiration and guidance to help you make the world a better place and your business a stronger organization.

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