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Cox, Billy

Billy Cox

Acclaimed speaker, author and peak performance coach Billy Cox energizes people to dream big, take action, and achieve results. His message comes from the authenticity and credibility of his own inspiring, all-American success story. Billy Cox now teaches the essentials that led to his own success – he has lived what he speaks. Billy pairs his powerful message with a high-energy, passionate, and down-to-earth style.

In the game of sales, there are no time-outs, no overtimes. You only get one chance to play. The question you have to ask yourself is, Do I want to wait on the sidelines or do I want to win? in The All-Star Sales Book, Billy Cox reveals, through sports analogies and relevant business anecdotes, the small improvements that can lead to enormous differences in results. Whether you're a rookie or a Hall of Famer, it's the little things that give you the winning edge.The All-Star Sales Book offers practical and easy-to-implement advice for tackling the most common sales problems. From overcoming adversity and thinking like a winner to working with a team and taking initiative, Billy Cox equips readers with the tools they will need to acheive all-star sales results all the time.

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