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Booth-Alberstadt, Sheila

Sheila Booth-Alberstadt

Sheila Booth-Alberstadt was born in Kristiansund, Norway, raised in Vero Beach, Florida, educated in Massachusetts and now lives in Fairhope, Alabama with her husband, Stephen Alberstadt and children, Signe, Sam, Saxon, Saylor, Payton, and Logan.

Sheila started Booth-Alberstadt insurance agency/Farmers Insurance Group, located in Daphne, Alabama in 1997. After the birth of her third child, she decided to stay home and her husband took over the agency. She home schooled for several years until the birth of her fourth child. She now spends much of her spare time writing books and providing her family a happy home.

Sheila has been a hospice volunteer since 1997 and also recruited her two oldest children to experience the gift of giving. "It's a beautiful experience to hold the hands of a complete stranger, with hope in providing comfort through emotion, touch or prayer, before making their final journey. Being a hospice volunteer has truly helped me appreciate life."

Her favorite interests are capturing memories through photography and writing self-help books geared for both children and adults. “I feel that being a child is more difficult than being an adult. My goal is to create a series of self-help books designed to give encouragement and direction when dealing with our everyday issues in life … and to leave a powerful message of hope.”

Maggie McNair, like many other children, doesn't like her hair brushed. After much persuasion and struggle, Maggie's mother gives up and decides to let Maggie learn a lesson the hard way. Ironically, threats turn to reality when Maggie McNair discovers a spider in her hair.

In this humorously entertaining story, Sheila Booth-Alberstadt tells a "slightly" exaggerated tale that will keep both children and adults amused to the very last page. While attempting to help her own child with hair brushing issues, Sheila has ingeniously solved a daily challenge she and many others have experienced with other children alike.

Through vibrant illustrations, Maggie McNair is set to become a much-loved and favorite character in everyone's life.

Beware of Bugs! (Sugar Bugs, that is)

Maggie McNair has not been honest about brushing her teeth. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t been brushing at all! That’s when the sugar bugs sneak out and start making their homes in her teeth! What happens to Maggie’s teeth when they take over? In this third installment of the Maggie McNair series, follow Maggie’s adventures as she discovers the importance of healthy teeth.

Maggie McNair, like many other children, is not fond of taking baths. In fact, she thinks they're rather boring. She avoids taking a proper bath until a humiliating event spurs Maggie to learn yet another essential lesson in life.

Sheila Booth-Alberstadt tells Maggie's story with a sense of humor that will keep both children and adults entertained to the very last page. Norris Hall provides the imaginative illustrations. Maggie McNair Wears Stinky Underwear is a charming, humorous companion to Maggie McNair Has Spiders in Her Hair. It explores issues of body hygiene through entertaining rhymes and a likable protagonist.

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