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McAlister, Brian

Brian McAlister

Since leaving his life of addiction, Brian McAlister has served in many high level corporate positions and has led several successful entrepreneurial businesses. Brian currently serves on the board of directors for a nationally recognized drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and has an active role in the community as a sought after motivational speaker on the subject.

You’re sober, so now what? This book teaches readers how to realize a full, successful life after recovering from addiction.

Directed at the huge recovery market: Hundreds of thousands of individuals who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction find themselves struggling to achieve financial success. This book tells readers how to achieve full recovery by experiencing life in all its richness and realizing their dreams.

Takes readers to the next step beyond sobriety with a clear action plan: The author delivers an interactive process that gives readers a step-by-step plan to abandon addiction, acquire inspiration and achieve abundance. Complete with heart-rending real-life stories, deeply realized insights, and proven exercises, the book takes a no nonsense approach that delivers real results.

Developed by a recovering alcoholic and successful entrepreneur with a strong platform: The author has spent the last two decades helping those in recovery achieve their dreams. A board member of a major national recovery organization, the author has uncovered the personal insights needed to realign those misguided perceptions that hold people back.

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