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Zimmerman, Catherine

Catherine Zimmerman

Catherine Zimmerman has over thirty years of experience in documentary filmmaking. She has worked on many environmental videos including global warming documentaries for CNN Presents and New York Times Television. Zimmerman is a certified horticulturist and landscape designer and is accredited in organic land care through the Northeast Organic Farmers Association.

A comprehensive, illustrated handbook to replacing pesticide-ridden, manicured lawns with meadows that are beautiful, natural habitats for native plants and wildlife.

A growing concern among environmentally conscious homeowners in both rural and urban environments: More and more, people are seeking out sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to lawns that have essentially become chemically maintained monocultures, whether they tend a small lawn in the city or several sprawling acres.

Extensive resources for meadow creators paired with bright, four-color photography: In addition to beautiful photographs of regional flora, Urban and Suburban Meadows contains plant lists, fact sheets, and resource sections for nine regions across the United States. Readers will be able to easily find which plants do well in which types of soil in which parts of North America—and where they can find additional resources like mail-order nurseries for native plants, landscape designers and restoration specialists, native plant societies, helpful Web sites, and more.

Contributions from several experts in meadow establishment: In addition to making use of her own expertise, she has sought out the most respected plant experts and meadow designers in the country to show readers how lawns develop in nature and give readers the practical know-how to successfully establish a diverse meadow habitat.

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