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Thurmon, Dan

Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon has appeared at thousands of events across the country and overseas, and his performing credits include national television appearances, collaborations with major musical artists, and trips to the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan to entertain and encourage US Armed Forces. Thurmon is a Certified Speaking Professional, the highest award of the National Speakers Association. He currently lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Sheilia, and their children, Eddie and Maggie.

A self-help book that gives readers a powerful perspective shift: perfect “balance” in life is undesirable and unattainable, and achieving success is about leaning forward and embracing uncertainty to find a more realistic happiness.

In Off Balance On Purpose, motivational speaker Dan Thurmon shows readers that the balance we’re so often told to find in our lives can become a state of stasis, with no room for change, growth, or progress. He empowers them to take a new approach to creating a happy, fulfilling life: get aligned with their purpose, lean forward, embrace reality, and initiate positive changes. These steps will give readers the knowledge, strength, and motivation to

  • Accept and take advantage of the contradictions in their daily lives
  • Integrate the five vital areas of life—work, relationships, health, spiritual growth, and personal interests—into a workable pattern, with strong, fluid connections between the areas
  • Adopt a practical, concrete process for orchestrating changes and staying aligned with one’s purpose
  • In an engaging, poetic style, Thurmon uses humor, compassion, and practical examples to offer readers a realistic path to a life worth living.

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