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Ferguson, Ray

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    Ray Ferguson
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Ray Ferguson

Born in South Africa to Scottish parents, RAY FERGUSON has been involved in gemstone mining and trading for over forty years. And for a few years he was an advisor to the Colombian government. His worldwide experience extends from South Africa to Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe—not to mention Brazil, Colombia, Afghanistan, and the Pacific Basin. This has led him to many narrow escapes: he left Afghanistan days before the Russian invasion, and was arrested and jailed in Tanzania—only to be released months later after spying charges were dropped due to intense diplomatic pressure from Whitehall and Washington, D.C. Since 1990, he has been highly active in mineral-rich Madagascar.


Mark Branson, a young gem trader, has every reason to remember all these facets as he journeys from the sedate, gentlemanly world of Hatton Garden—London's center for precious stone trading—to the deep bush of Africa in search of these green gems. Mark knows only too well that anyone caught emerald trading would land in jail with little or no recourse to any embassy. Armed only with his lucky gem, given to him by an African mine owner, and his quick-witted inventive mind, he has to learn swiftly who to trust, who to bribe, and who to avoid.

In a world where jewels are expensive and life is expendable, he encounters hard-drinking Irish missionaries, smooth double-dealing Indian traders, hostile Afrikaners, and tantalizing women—not to mention the trigger-happy Zambian Police and Army. Based on the author's own extraordinary experiences in gem trading, Mark's exploits have a ring of authenticity that cannot be faked. You will never just glance at any emerald again.

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