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Hall, Vanessa

Vanessa Hall

Vanessa Hall, affectionately known as "The trust lady" is an award winning author, international speaker, and social entrepreneur, founding entente, the world’s first International Movement of Trust.

Her background in Compliance and Risk Management in Financial Services motivated Vanessa to want to bring about a more trustworthy business environment, and her personal experiences of a series of breakdown’s in trust, coupled with an epiphany from her son, Lachlan, ignited Vanessa’s passion to dedicate her life to her mission—to enlighten, enable and enrich people in the truth about trust, in business, personal relationships and society.

Her organization, entente, is a social enterprise, with a commercial arm and a not for profit foundation. Her projects include building and restoring trust in businesses, homes and communities, with representatives and projects running in:

  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Jamaica
  • Germany
  • USA
  • UK
  • China
As an author, Vanessa’s work on trust has been recognized by best selling authors, business people and professors worldwide.


Trust gets a lot of lip service in the business world, particularly in the current economic climate. But according to author Vanessa Hall, few of us really understands what trust is, how to build it, and how to determine if others view us and our organizations as trustworthy. And issues of trust exact high costs for us—ethically and financially. Hall delivers a three-pronged approach to building trust based on assessment of expectations, needs, and promises. With a practical model, compelling insights, real case studies, and easy-to-implement tips, Hall offers readers

  • Knowledge of how to ensure that trust, once established, is not broken
  • Guidance on how to become more trustworthy, as a person or an organization
  • Advice about how to build trustworthy brands and businesses
  • Assessment tools for determining how trustworthy you are in each area of business
Delving into each area of business—sales, management, branding and marketing, customer service, leadership—this guidebook gives companies and leaders the tools they need to earn trust, reap the rewards, and stand apart from the competition.

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