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Howard, Steve

Steve Howard

Steve Howard is a nationally recognized speaker, writer, and founder of the ACT Group, Inc., a training and consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. His diverse marketing and sales background and unique perspective helped him both write Boomer Selling and develop the 4-day No Pressure Selling® program that has helped The ACT Group’s clients dramatically increase their profits for over fifteen years.

A must-have for any salesperson, Boomer Selling unlocks the secrets to selling to the Baby Boomers: the wealthiest, toughest, and most complex generation ever.

The greatest opportunity to reach financial freedom in any economy is by selling more high-margin products and services to people who can afford them. One group of buyers, the Baby Boomers, controls over half of all discretionary spending, holds 70 percent of the wealth, and has a growing need to improve their lives. While many books explain how to market to Baby Boomers, Boomer Selling is the first to comprehensively reveal how to sell to this generation.

Readers will:

  • Climb inside the mind of the most important group of consumers in history
  • Discover how to make Boomers your greatest source of profits, repeat business, and pre-sold referrals
  • Learn a common sense sales process that will make your job easier, less stressful, and a whole lot of fun

Capturing the Boomer market is essential for success—the iron is hot, and Boomers are where the money is. For salespeople who realize this, Boomer Selling is an indispensible tool for learning how to sell to histories wealthiest generation.

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