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Hyun, J. H.

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J. H. Hyun

Joong (“Joon”) H. Hyun was born in Seoul, immigrated to the United States at a young age, and has since worked and lived in numerous countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He and his wife Kimmy are expecting their first child soon.

For the past two decades, Joong has worked with many global Fortune 500 companies in various capacities. His experiences include working as a managing director for an international consultancy, as vice president of Global Strategy and vice president of Asia Region for a multibillion-dollar US-based company. He received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech, Masters degree from Northwestern and MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Your comments and feedback on this book will be very much appreciated. Suggestions for future books are also encouraged. Joon can be reached at either: joong.h.hyun@quantigate.com or joong.h.hyun@gmail.com.

Naysayers, personal tragedies, major setbacks, procrastination, vague goals, and a multitude of other obstacles keep us from staying on the right path in our personal and professional pursuits. These “sharks”—highly adaptable and hard to combat—strike when we least expect them, nibbling away at our energy and focus.

From his own hard-earned life lessons, author J. H. Hyun, a twenty-year veteran of Fortune 500 companies, reveals the opportunities for personal growth that can emerge when we learn to swim with the tide and eventually outswim these relentless predators.

Readers will learn how to

  • Assess their current situation
  • Set clear and specific goals
  • Develop unbreakable focus and motivation
  • Take ownership and control of their future
  • Achieve life goals and dreams in the midst of and without succumbing to their “sharks”
There will always be sharks in our lives to throw us off course. Now we can learn how to outswim them and reach our full life potential.

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