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Jerome, David

David Jerome

David Jerome was born on New Year's Eve, and the party has continued on for 43 years. He squeaked through school on charm and good looks, finishing in the top 70% of his high school's graduating class. He was voted Class Clown/Best Sense of Humor in High School which he says got him invited to all the parties, but none of the girls would make-out with him.

After high school it was off to a lucrative career in the fast food industry frying taco shells at Taco Bell. It was about then when he started his comedy writing career and tried his luck at open mike night at The Comedy Store. He could see that this was a long hard road and left the stage for his computer keyboard where he wrote jokes for Jay Leno and other comedians, joke services, and newspapers. The highlight of Mr. Jerome's joke writing career came in the Spring of 1991 when he won, and was asked to appear on the ABC late night talk show, "Into The Night with Rick Dees.

"He wrote a stage play called "Quick Fix" that was professionally produced by a small playhouse in Anaheim, California. After years of work, opening night turned out to be the same night as the O.J. slow-speed freeway chase. Most people wanted to see the conclusion of O.J. instead of the beginning of Quick Fix, so needless to say it was a late arriving crowd.

With his $5,000 monologue writing contest prize money, Mr. Jerome started, wrote and published a comedy newspaper called The Irreverent Times. The error was not seeing the power of the emerging internet, and although the paper was mildly successful, appearing on newsstands in five western states, Mr. Jerome found himself wearing "too many hats" and after two years folded the newspaper to focus just on writing. Over the next several years the author wrote and traveled, working on two books simultaneously: I'm A Big Fan, and Roastbeef's Promise.

Mr. Jerome currently resides in Southern California and is presently working on a sequel to Roastbeef's Promise called Roastbeef Sprinkles.

When Jim "Roastbeef" Hume embarks on a quest to sprinkle his father's ashes in each of the forty-eight contiguous states, he has no idea that a series of bizarre and ridiculous adventures await. But nothing will deter him from fulfilling the promise he made to his dying father—not a brief incarceration in Iowa or a punctured lung in South Dakota.

As he travels across the country, he picks up numerous new friends, presides over the ultimate frat party, poses as a lesbian's boyfriend, and gives away a very pregnant bride in a Las Vegas wedding. And who could have dreamed that somewhere amidst the craziness of dropping ashes from a crop duster and finding Elvis's toenail, Roastbeef would stumble upon a lucrative career?

Join Roastbeef as he drives, bikes, hitchhikes, rides the rails, and mo-peds his way around the country. This is one warm and funny road-trip you don't want to miss.

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