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Mecklenburg, Karl

Karl Mecklenburg

A former Denver Broncos captain and All-Pro, Karl Mecklenburg rose from being a college walk-on and a 12th round draft pick to a pro player with six Pro Bowl and three Super Bowl appearances. Considered the NFL’s most versatile player, Karl played all seven defensive frontline positions. In fact, many times Mecklenburg played all seven positions in the course of a single game! Since retiring from pro football in 1995, Karl has divided his time among family, motivational speaking, and ongoing charity involvements.

The game of football teaches lessons of success that are applicable in almost every aspect of life. In Heart of a Student Athlete, Karl Mecklenburg— six-time Pro Bowl and three-time Super Bowl competitor—offers young athletes and their families inspirational advice about how to dream, achieve, and overcome obstacles on their way to success. Football’s most versatile defensive player offers candid, anecdotal counsel to motivate student athletes to aim high and work hard. His advice will also help them handle with strength and courage the pressure of performing their best in the game, the temptation to devote more time to sports than to studies, and the peer pressure to try illegal drugs.

In addition to sharing the incredible story of his unlikely rise from amateur athlete to NFL champion, Mecklenburg outlines his template for success and reveals its six key components: teamwork, courage, honesty & forgiveness, desire, dedication, and goal setting. Accessible and brimming with enthusiasm, Mecklenburg’s chapters explain these keys and empower adult athletes, parents, and coaches alike with the tools they need to achieve their own success and foster it in the young athletes in their lives.

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