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Cahoon, Katherine Chloé

Katherine Chloé Cahoon

While enrolled at Vanderbilt University, Katherine Chloé Cahoon spent summers studying in Europe. Each fall when she returned to school her girlfriends wanted to know about the European men she had met, so she started writing. This guide was the result of her efforts. Cahoon is currently working with producers on the screenplay of the book, which they refer to as Sex and the City meets Love Actually in the hot spots of Europe.

A one-of-a-kind book packed with road-tested tips on finding love or lust abroad, and everything in between.

The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men offers single girls forty proven tips for meeting and interacting with European men—in a frank, energetic voice that twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings alike will love. Katherine Chloé Cahoon then guides readers through the hottest man-meeting spots in Europe country by country—including phone numbers and addresses of the establishments where single girls have the best chances of meeting Europe’s hottest males.

Whether prowling for a spontaneous European fling or scouting for Mr. Love-of-My-Life, readers will find that Cahoon’s tips—which work on men at home, too—take into account the various approaches, boundaries, and goals that single girls have for dating during their European forays. Her advice ranges from how to stay safe while meeting new men to how to deal with beaus back home who may complicate an amorous European getaway. Filled with sexy and often hilarious real-life stories from each country, The Single Girl’s Guide will appeal to women who are looking to make their time in Europe an exciting, man-filled adventure.

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