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Keiles, Eric

Eric Keiles

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Square 2 Marketing, Eric has the chance to help entrepreneurs build the kinds of companies they dreamed about when they first started their businesses. His mission is to teach business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs a better way to drive sales opportunities and stop worrying about the source of their next sale. A frequent public speaker and marketing writer, Eric spreads the word by editing Square 2 Marketing’s weekly email newsletter and producing the weekly “Video Marketing Minutes”. Eric advises many entrepreneurial and business groups among his numerous professional affiliations.

In order to be truly remarkable and create the kind of company that gets people talking, you need to step outside of comfortable patterns and think about your business in new ways. Changing the way your company does business starts with a close look at the way you interact with your clients or customers. That means re-examining your sales and marketing approach. 

Eric Keiles and Mike Lieberman present three “big ideas” that will help you think differently about your sales and marketing efforts, lead your company to success, and beat the pants off of the competition.

Adapt to the dramatic shift in buyer behavior. As you probably know by now, the Internet has permanently changed the way people make purchasing decisions. Now that consumers have the power to research each purchasing decision online with the touch of a button, companies both large and small need to rethink their sales and marketing approach.

Transition to a guided sales process. The new consumer does not want to be sold. Instead of selling or pushing your company’s products and services to every lead, you need to retrain your sales force to act as consultants who take time to understand each prospective customer’s pains, answer their questions, and guide them to the appropriate solution.

Create a Revenue Department. For decades, companies of every size and across countless industries have separated their sales and marketing efforts into two distinct departments: one to drive customers to your door (marketing) and one to close the deal (sales). By combining your sales and marketing team members into a single, cohesive entity called The Revenue Department, you ensure that every member of the team works together to reach your company’s overall goals. 

Creating positive change within your business structure may seem difficult. Whatever you do, don’t stand still. Change is necessary to move your business forward. 

As Confucius said: Every long journey begins with a single step. But there’s one thing Confucius left out: If you don’t start taking those steps now, before long the competition will leave you behind.

A revolution occurs when a critical mass of people challenge a common belief they have been told to accept as true. During the American Revolution, the new thinking was that our country should be free from the tyranny of the British Empire so its citizens could pursue their personal goals and dreams.

Some things never change, especially when it comes to revolutions....

For decades business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers followed the advice of traditional ad agencies. But mass advertising like radio, TV and billboards no longer fits the new reality. So the time is ripe for a Reality Marketing Revolution – one that “rages against the machine” and teaches small- and medium-sized business owners to create new marketing models to better promote themselves.

The Reality Marketing Revolution will provide innovative marketing strategies and tactics to realistically meet the budgets and goals of your small- or medium-sized business. This book will reveal how you can slash your expenses and increase the response to your marketing, all the while generating more opportunities and acceler- ating growth and profits. Along with explaining how to identify, recognize and address customers’ pains, it will guide you in making your company stand out from the rest of the herd and in structuring a Marketing Machine™ that will churn out sales. You’ll also learn how to use the Internet to its ultimate marketing advantage and build an effective information pipeline.

Are you ready for the revolution? If so, this book gives you the tools to compete—and win—in today’s tough-minded business world. You’ll market your company in an efficient, effective and profitable way and reap the work-life balance that can make entrepreneurship so rewarding, both financially and personally.


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