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Snider, Kim

Kim Snider

Kim Snider is an author, radio talk show host and a very successful financial advisor who speaks publicly on the subject of navigating today’s economy and building wealth for a successful retirement. She is also the co-inventor of an investment method designed to generate monthly cash flow from a portfolio, and she has taught this system to thousands of investors since 1999.

“How do I never find myself in this situation again?” With this life-changing question, author Kim Snider propelled herself from financial ruin to prosperity, security, and freedom. And in How to Be the Family CFO she’s going to show you how to do the same.

Snider explains the basics of personal finance and investing in simple, easy-to-tackle steps that will lead you to financial freedom. If you want—or need—to get your financial house in order and keep it there, this guide offers clear-cut advice on planning, saving, investing, and managing risk.

Applying the basic principles of how to manage a successful business, Snider teaches critical skills, such as

•    Creating personal financial statements
•    Building a six-month emergency fund
•    Identifying your greatest risk and how to protect themselves
•    Determining your money’s higher purpose

No matter how poorly you've handled money in the past, Snider’s straightforward approach will help create a life of financial control and prosperity.

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