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DeLand, M.D., M. Maitland

M. Maitland DeLand

M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. is a radiation oncologist, specializing in the treatment of women’s and children’s cancer. One of the leaders in her field and the president, chief executive officer, and owner of OncoLogics, Inc., a group of clinical cancer practices throughout Louisiana and Mississippi, Dr. DeLand serves as a member of the Breastcancer.org Professional Advisory Board. She has dedicated her career to helping her patients and their families lead balanced and rewarding lives.

Baby Santa introduces the most charming member of the Claus family in new Christmas classics that put the heart back in the holidays. It’s Christmas Eve. When Santa’s elves finish wrapping all the presents but forget the nametags, how will Santa know which gifts go to which boys and girls? Just ask Baby Santa.

The third classic christmas tale in the popular Baby Santa series

It’s only a week until Christmas, and Santa and his elves are ready to start making presents—but no letters have arrived at the North Pole! For the first time in history, the North Pole mailbox is empty. How will Santa know what everyone wants for Christmas?

Just when it seems that Christmas may be ruined, out jumps Baby Santa. The youngest member of the Claus family relies on his quick wits, his winning attitude, and his endless energy to solve the mystery of the lost letters with help from remarkable animal characters around the globe.

With his enormous good cheer and a boundless spirit of cooperation, Baby Santa proves that Christmas is for every living being, even penguins, gila monsters and a three-toed sloth. Children and their parents will thrill to this exciting holiday adventure guided by the youngest member of the Claus family, Baby Santa.

Baby Santa's Worldwide Christmas Adventure introduces the most charming member of the Claus family in new Christmas classics that put the heart back in the holidays.

What happens when Santa’s sleigh needs repairs? With maps and timetables, Baby Santa leads the way by camel, jeep, and sports car on a worldwide Christmas adventure.

As Mamma Bee heads out to work, Bambina Bee anxiously begs her to stay home. To soothe her little bee’s concerns, Mamma Bee takes Bambina Bee on a tour of the neighborhood that transforms the bustling world of work into a wonderland of joyful activity. The letter carrier, the plumber, and many other happy characters demonstrate for Bambina Bee that there’s a time for work and a time for play—and both are filled with exciting adventures. The first in a series, this charmingly illustrated book will help parents explain to their kids that everyone has an important place in this world of busy bees.
Young readers will learn to appreciate creative expression as the busy bees dance, sing, juggle and declaim in the style of well-known Broadway performers.

When Bambina Bee asks Grandma why bees sing, Grandma takes her on a tour of all the different types of performance that let little bees express what they feel in their hearts—from Choir Bees to Ballerina Bees to Shakespearean Bees to Acrobat Bees!

With engaging four-color illustrations by the award-winning Lyn Martin and an embedded sound chip with an original song, readers will not be able to stop smiling when the curtain goes up on Busy Bees on Broadway.

As in her previous Busy Bee and Katie Kate books, popular children’s author and renowned women’s oncologist M. Maitland DeLand delivers timeless stories with a contemporary flair.
Join Katie Kate in the second installment of this unique educational series as she teaches a young boy how to deal with his diabetes. When Andrew starts feeling funny after a day at the carnival, Dr. Caruthers tells him and his parents that there may be something wrong with the way his body uses sugar. At first Andrew is scared and has many questions—until the Great Katie Kate magically appears once again to get rid of the Worry Wombat. She introduces Andrew to other kids who also have diabetes, and even takes him inside the human body to explain what’s happening to him.

By the time Katie Kate has shown Andrew how to measure his blood sugar, inject insulin, and keep his energy levels up so that he can play with all the other kids, the Worry Wombat has completely disappeared. Armed with the knowledge that he can control his condition, Andrew is no longer worried about having diabetes.

The third installment of a unique educational series dedicated to helping kids overcome their fear of illness

• The only book of its kind, designed to help 3- to 5-year-old children cope with asthma. An indispensable tool for parents, teachers and health professionals, this book explains asthma in terms that any kid (or adult) can understand. The Great Katie Kate gives kids a consistent positive message about their condition, and proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to charities dedicated to helping families.

• Serious medical information combined with a whimsical story line, this book takes young readers on an educational adventure led by a kid-sized super hero. Join the Great Katie Kate as she battles the Worry Wombat and teaches a group of youngsters how to deal with asthma. Adults as well as children will find it comforting to rely on this playful and accurate teaching tool to discuss a sensitive issue of critical importance.

• Written by a nationally known physician who specializes in treating women and children. Dr. DeLand is recognized leader who has developed breakthrough treatment technologies and has helped hundreds of children deal with serious medical conditions. In her practice and her books, DeLand strives for one goal—peace of mind for patients and their families.

The Great Katie Kate takes on the Worry Wombat as she teaches a young girl about treating cancer. When Dr. DeMarco explains to Suzy that she might have cancer, the young girl begins to worry. Just then, the Great Katie Kate zooms in to ease Suzy’s mind and help her stare down the Worry Wombat. She takes Suzy on a magical tour through the hospital and explains what cancer is all about and, more important, how it is treated.

As Suzy learns more about her condition, she learns to ask questions and even to smile, which makes the Worry Wombat disappear. This superhero saga provides an entertaining and indispensable tool for parents and medical professionals who are seeking a positive way to set young cancer patients on the road to recovery by helping them deal with their fears. With Katie Kate coming to the rescue, children with cancer have a friend they can trust.

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