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Quinlan, Mary Lou

Mary Lou Quinlan

Named the “Oprah of Madison Avenue” by The Wall Street Journal, Mary Lou Quinlan has held top positions at Avon, DDB Needham Worldwide, and N.W. Ayer. A previous judge on ABC’s American Inventor, she is the women’s correspondent for The Early Show on CBS and has been published in Redbook, Marie Claire, and O, The Oprah Magazine, among others.

Discover the remarkable Whole Truths that can help you trump your competitors in today's hard-fought female market. Once you know What She's Not Telling You, you will never listen the same way again.

Have you ever rejoiced as women raved about your product in research only to discover months and millions of lost dollars later that they've all changed their minds? Ever wonder why even successful fashion retailers misfire with women over 40? Or if moms are really as ''squeaky green'' as they claim to be? If women say they're tired of seeing supermodels in ads, do they mean it? (Would you even know it if they didn't?)

Get ready to hear the whole truth about the Half Truths that can undermine your best-laid plans with women. For the past decade as partners in the powerhouse consultancy Just Ask a Woman, Mary Lou Quinlan, Jen Drexler, and Tracy Chapman have been changing the way marketers listen to women. Inside this book they share their best Power Listening strategies, honed during their groundbreaking work on behalf of global leaders in dozens of industries. They will save you from wasted research and marketing mistakes before it's millions of dollars too late.

In this provocative, tell-all book, you will learn how to detect women's hidden Half Truths and to dig deeper to the Whole Truths that drive brand leadership, relevance, and growth. Inside you'll find

  • The five key motivators that drive women s Half Truths and how to overcome them
  • Compelling cases of Whole Truth marketers (and those shortchanged by Half Truths)
  • Techniques to break Half Listening habits that sabotage Whole Truth insights

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