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Yee, Master Wan Ko

Master Wan Ko Yee

Master Wan Ko Yee immigrated to the United States from China and is a master of art of outstanding international fame. During the thousands of years of art history, never has anyone made such magnificent achievements as Master Wan Ko Yee. A pioneer in fields such as Chinese painting, Western oil painting, representational painting, abstract painting, impressionistic painting, the art of applying colors to portray realistic rock texture and rock grains, as well as sculpture, frame art, and calligraphy, he has reached the summit of which others can only dream. He has also reached the pinnacle of world-class achievement in the fields of religion, cosmology, philosophy, science, literature, poetry, etc.

Those who have viewed the paintings of Master Wan Ko Yee are amazed at the lofty, vigorous, and superb quality of his work. Although this collection of paintings cannot represent the myriad unrivaled aspects of Master Wan Ko's paintings in all their glory, it still allows us to appreciate the splendor, verve, refinement, and transcendence of the Master's art.

His paintings display a wholly natural charm. He has a comprehensive artistic vision. Indeed, he has entered a holy state of mind that transcends the mundane. For these reasons, he is the preeminent painter in all of Chinese history.

This new collection of work from the revered Master Wan Ko Yee contains fifty new plum blossom paintings. Following in the tradition of master plum blossom painters of the past, Master Yee renders these beautiful pieces of nature in a way that will resonate with modern viewers. Each of the fifty paintings is accompanied by a poem or song composed by Master Yee in classical or modern style. Also interspersed are selections of Yee's bold calligraphy.
Painting- The Zenith of Colors is a collection of 130 supernatural abstract color oil paintings by world-class artist Master Wan Ko Yee.

This album includes Western oil painting, representational painting, abstract painting, impressionistic painting, and application of colors to portray realistic rock texture and rock grains as well as sculpture.

Humanistic Buddhism is distinguished by the willingness to break out of the temple walls to be where the people are: in their homes and workplaces, in their public lives and private moments. For this reason, Venerable Master Hsing Yun has written prayers for use in a wide variety of situations.

This volume focuses on prayers for our family and loved ones, for ourselves and for other human beings in distress. It is a moving collection of Buddhist prayers written in plain language, yet infused with profound wisdom and compassion. Whether used by groups for special occasions, or by individuals for quiet contemplation, these prayers will bring great benefits for those who pray them, as well as for those who are prayed for.

For the benefit of mankind, Master Wan Ko Yee founded a form of art called Yun Sculpture that is exquisite and mysterious. Through this form of art, which is unprecedented in the history of this world, Master Wan Ko has created carvings that excel even the beauty of nature's creations. The 300 pictures of Yun sculptures contained in this book are inexhaustibly beautiful. There are no other photographs like them in the world. Nonetheless, they represent only one percent of the Master's exquisite Yun sculptures. Thus, one cannot appreciate the vast mystery of this form of art by simply viewing these photographs. So that one can better appreciate the Master's exquisite sculptures, included with the book is a DVD including video of the sculptures and the Master's poetry.

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