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Murray, Kevin D.

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Kevin D. Murray

Kevin D. Murray is an independent, professional security consul- tant. He has been solving electronic eavesdropping, security, and counterespionage matters since 1973 while with Pinkerton’s Inc., and from 1978 to present at his consulting firm, Murray Associates, which provides advanced eavesdropping detection (technical surveillance countermeasures, or TSCM) and counterespionage consulting services to business, government, and high-profile individuals.

Headquartered in the New York metropolitan area, with services available worldwide, Murray Associates invites inquiries from corporate, government, and professional security entities.

Mr. Murray has developed and taught two Electronic Eaves- dropping Detection seminars at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. He has provided technical advice to HBO, George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, the Discovery Times Channel, Discovery Channel/Canada, ABC News’ 20/20, FOX News, CNN, CBS News, Joe Finder, NBC’s Dateline, James Cameron, Orion Pictures . . . and others.

Mr. Murray is the author of several textbook chapters, white papers, and magazine articles.

His professional work has also been featured in books and magazines, as well as on radio and television. He is referenced and quoted by Fortune magazine, the New York Times, USA Today, NPR, International Security News, Corporate Security, Security Management, Congressional Quarterly, Security Letter, Time, American Public Radio, Boardroom Reports, the Washington Post, Business Finance, and several Internet security websites. Murray Associates has appeared on an episode of the HBO original series K Street with James Carville; the Discovery Times Channel documentary Someone’s Watching; FOX News’ 212, (episode: “A Day with the Spybusters”); and “Spies Like Us,” an episode of Public Radio International’s (PRI) This American Life series with Ira Glass.

In his spare time Mr. Murray enjoys traveling, and he is currently learning how to crack an 8-foot kangaroo-leather bullwhip. Eventually, he hopes to be able to play his theremin without scaring the neighbors.

Visit Murray Associates at www.spybusters.com and keep up to date with the latest eavesdropping and espionage news at Kevin’s Security Scrapbook (spybusters.blogspot.com). The companion Web page for this book is located at www.spybusters.com/ Cell911.html

In an age when nearly everyone relies on wireless phone service, text messages, and email, tapping and electronic surveillance have become a common problem that demands personal protection.

In Is My Cell Phone Bugged?, eavesdropping detection specialist Kevin D. Murray draws from experience and detailed research to show readers how to take control of their information security by using spybusting technology to their own advantage, preventing privacy invasions before they begin. In simple, clear-cut language, he explains the basics of counterespionage, including how to:

  • Shop for a secure cordless device and avoid pre-bugged cell phones
  • Identify nineteen warning signs that a cell phone is spyware infected
  • Find the best apps to prevent tapping and information leaks
  • Protect oneself using a “Spyware Prevention Checklist”
  • Catch the spy when a phone is already under surveillance
This comprehensive guide offers an array of information to help anyone— from the lay reader to the security expert—protect themselves and their families from eavesdropping.

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