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Nofsinger, Chrismon

Chrismon Nofsinger

Chrismon Nofsinger is the CEO and founder of the Nofsinger Group, a management consultancy focusing on executive leadership assessment and development. Over the last twenty-plus years in the field, Chrismon has served as a trusted confidant and advisor to numerous CEOs, board members, and private equity investors. He earned an MA and PhD in organizational psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where he was a student of management guru Peter F. Drucker. Chrismon now serves as a board member for the university. A sought-after speaker and thought leader, Chrismon frequently speaks to business, academic, and nonprofit groups on the use of stage models as a tool to meaningfully improve business interactions and relationships. He has appeared as a guest lecturer and featured speaker at Claremont Graduate University and Seattle University. Chrismon lives in Seattle with his wife, Rena, and their two sons.

Whether you’re starting a new business or running a Fortune 100 firm, finding success as a leader requires a monumental shift in the way you approach your business and your employees. We are born thinking about “me”—it’s a survival thing. But the leadership journey requires a shift from thinking first about ourselves to thinking first about others and their part in any effort in which we are involved.

The Shift from One to Many helps you move into a leadership role with grace and ease by mastering three essential skills: facilitating the output of others, giving them recognition, and relinquishing your own need for praise in the process. On a four-stage journey through the leadership continuum, you’ll learn how to

  • Recognize and manage the self-interested mentality of the “Me” Stage in yourself and others
  • Share credit in the “Us” Stage when working with or leading a team
  • Facilitate the output of others and minimize the need for acknowledgment in the “Letting Go” Stage
  • Focus exclusively on others and share your expertise without any desire for personal recognition in the “Giving Away the Gold” Stage

With a wise and discerning approach to workplace relations, the author demonstrates how professional altruism can guide the trajectory of your career, helping you find greater satisfaction and success as a truly exceptional leader. 

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