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Platt, Rear Admiral Stuart F.

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Rear Admiral Stuart F. Platt

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Stuart Franklin Platt (Retired) was appointed by the Reagan Administration as the Navy's first Competition Advocate General (the Navy's top spot for a businessman in uniform). He received the Distinguished Service Medal for his leadership in implementing an historic reform program to improve how the Navy procures ships, aircraft, and weapons system

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have served in the Middle East, putting their lives on the line and fighting for not only the future of our nation, but the future of the countries they helped free from tyranny. Regardless of one's political views or otherwise about these wars, Americans overwhelmingly support the men and women serving their country. Many of us, however, are curious about what these soldiers have seen, felt, and done while fighting in the epicenter of fundamental Islamists and terrorists.Letters From The Front Lines is a moving collection of letters, e-mails, and blog entries from those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was put together by Rear Admiral Stuart F. Platt (retired), who served under President Ronald Reagan as the Navy's first Competition Advocate General.

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