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Horwath, Rich

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Rich Horwath

Rich Horwath is the president of the Strategic Thinking Institute, a former chief strategy officer, and professor of strategy at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. As a strategic consultant, he has worked with such giants as Adidas, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, and Amgen. He is the author of four books and more than fifty articles on strategic thinking and has been profiled in business publications around the world, including Investor’s Business Daily.

The inability to set good strategy can sink a company—and a leader's career. A recent Wall Street Journal study revealed that the number-one most sought after executive skill by organisations is strategic thinking, but few leaders have that skill set. In Deep Dive, Rich Horwath dissects the three most important elements of strategic thinking, breaks them down into simple and attainable skills, and shows readers how to apply them every day. He provides managers with a clear path to mastery of three disciplines: Acumen, generate critical insights through a step-by-step evaluation of the business and its environment; Allocation, focus limited resources of time, talent, and money; and, Action, implement a system to guarantee effective execution and communication of strategy throughout the organisation. This book is based on research with senior executives from more than 150 companies and Horwath's own experience as a professional strategist. Armed with the knowledge from this book, every reader can become an expert strategist and an invaluable member of his or her organisation.


Do you have a plan for life?

Think back on your life and how you arrived at where you are today. Did you envision where you wanted to be and then map out a strategy for getting there? Or, have you bounced around like a bumper car from one thing to the next? New research shows that only 15% of adults have a written plan for their life. But what if you believe that you have more to offer? Much more.

In Strategy for All, world-renowned business strategist Rich Horwath provides a five-step plan for building a bridge to the life you want. Using the foundational principles of business strategy, Horwath lays out the five steps you can take to create a more fulfilling and successful life:

  1. DISCOVER: Uncover your purpose through insight.
  2. DIFFERENTIATE: Identify your unique strengths.
  3. DECIDE: Allocate your resources.
  4. DESIGN: Develop your action plan.
  5. DRIVE:  Execute your plan.

Strategy for All gives you the opportunity to maximize your true potential at work and at home. Are you ready to build a bridge to the life you want?

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