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Skup, Ted

Ted Skup

Ted Skup was born in South Hampton, England in 1951 but has lived most of his life in northwest Indiana. At 5’10” he has maintained the 170-pound frame he had in his early twenties due to his unique regimen. Skup has worked in the oil industry for 37 years and is also a successful entrepreneur. He started IQCO in the early 1990’s, which stirred national attention with the fad product Spit Wads®. When he is not doing push-ups Skup enjoys traveling and spending time with family. He currently resides in Schererville, Indiana. Ted was prompted to write this book to prove to the world that its population has been misled for years by the fitness industry. It’s said: Necessity is the mother of invention. Death, Taxes, & Push-ups is that necessity.

The Push-Up Revolution

After more than 10 million push-ups, author Ted "The Pusher" Skup, reveals his unique training secrets. His routines and formulas work wonders for men, women and children of any fitness level. You'll soon find out why he calls his push-up routine "Horizontal Jogging". Top Ten Reasons Why Push-Ups Are The Most Dynamic Exercise Ever:

  • Work most major muscle groups
  • They're free! No start up costs
  • They can be done anywhere--total portability
  • Have the lowest risk of injury
  • Solve time management issues
  • Key to weight management
  • Maintain a healthy heart and body
  • Not just an exercise, but a fitness lifestyle
  • A simple and basic exercise with dramatic results
  • Addicting and fun

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