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Stevens, Peggy Noe

Peggy Noe Stevens

Described as the “Oprah of entertaining,” Peggy Noe Stevens began her career working for in the hospitality industry for  Hyatt Hotels Corporation before moving into event planning and experiential marketing for a major corporation.  A trail blazer for women, she is the world’s first female Master Bourbon Taster, has designed women’s research and strategy studies, and has spoken to countless professional organizations on issues in the workplace as to the effective steps of  strategizing careers. Her consulting company specializes in image strategy for both people and places.

A Four-step Process to Gain the Soft Skills Necessary for Professional Success

Study after study has proven that “soft skills” which includes professional presence are one of the biggest factors in professional success. Without them, it’s hard to build critical relationships, develop a positive reputation,  manage effectively and ensure your financial security.

If you hope to move up in the business world, Professional Presence can help. It delivers a step-by-step program to develop the social skills you need for career advancement. The four-part learning process focuses on business etiquette, personal brand development, professional presentation, and people skills. By following the exercises in the book, you can learn crucial behavioral strategies, from how to give a successful presentation to how to dress appropriately to how to align personal and professional goals. Imaginative case studies offer powerful thought lessons for applying these skills.

Author Peggy Stevens runs a global image branding business, helping companies develop exceptional talent by teaching confidence, self-awareness, and professional presence. With her well-developed plan and the determination to learn critical soft skills, you’ll soon find yourself on the path to building your personal brand.

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