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Poscente, Vince

Vince Poscente

VINCE POSCENTE, a business consultant and inductee into the Speaker Hall of Fame, learned at the age of thirty that 16.572 seconds could change a life. He stood atop the mountain knowing that in just over 16 seconds he would cover two-thirds of a mile, exceed 135 mph and hopefully launch himself into the Olympic record books. Even more remarkable, Poscente went from recreational skier to the Olympic Gold Medal round in just four years. Since the 1992 Olympic Winter Games, Poscente has combined his understanding of speed and focus within his successful business career. Backed by a master’s degree in organizational management and as the former VP of Marketing for North America’s largest real-estate investment services, Poscente is an expert communicator. A highly regarded and sought-after business consultant, Poscente continues to work with leading corporations around the nation and across industry lines. As CEO of Be Invinceable Group he and his team are dedicated to helping companies and corporate leaders ignite their vision and execute strategies to eclipse their competition. Poscente sat on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and three children.

A renowned speaker, business consultant, record-setting speed skier and Olympian, Vince Poscente believes in the enormous potential of the unconscious mind. Poscente likens the dynamic between the conscious and subconscious minds to an ant and an elephant: Our minds are separated into two distinct functions- the conscious and subconscious elements. Our ant is the intentional part of the brain, but our elephant is the instinctual, impulsive part of the brain that houses emotions and memories and even guides the body to perform vital functions. While we tend to know our conscious minds- our ants -rather well, we often overlook the power of our elephantine subconscious minds. When we do, unfortunately, we squander a wellspring of human potential. Having seen too many books focused on what a problem or solution is and too few focused on how to solve the problem, Poscente, with his trademark wit, wisdom and steely resolve, created The Ant and the Elephant- Leadership for the Self: A Parable and Five-Step Action Plan to Transform Workplace Performance.

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