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Warner, Jim

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Jim Warner

For years, Jim Warner skillfully navigated the peaks and valleys of the burgeoning software industry, leading his own firm from start-up through phenomenal growth. He is now the president of OnCourse International, as well as a dedicated coach, guide, and facilitator to senior executives and a sought-after speaker at industry conferences and corporate events.

Learn proven, field-tested techniques to manage disruptive, drama-causing subordinates, peers, and bosses to dramatically improve productivity and boost the bottom line.

The Drama-Free Office describes four energy-draining personalities that sabotage workplace collaboration and synergy. The authors blend humorous and relatable case studies with proven tools for managing “office saboteurs”—subordinates, co-workers, and the boss.

The authors’ research draws on years of experience working with more than 2,500 CEOs and their executive teams, combined with their own father-daughter dynamic. They break down the four major drama roles—the complainer, the cynic, the caretaker, and the controller—and lay out a detailed roadmap for managing difficult people in difficult situations.

Readers will see their coworkers (and themselves) in this entertaining and action- oriented blueprint for addressing the dramatic behaviors that cripple so many teams. The authors detail simple methods for defusing office drama and fostering clean, authentic interactions. The Drama-Free Office puts an end to office drama for good!

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