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Zitman, Vaeta

Vaeta Zitman

Vaeta Zitman is a Venezuelan born artist. Her paintings show in major galleries in the USA. I Wish All Your Wishes and Mine is Vaeta’s first book. She lives in Florida, is not very fond of alligators, thinks all medicines’ side effects are meant for her and her favorite color is orangish-red.

I Wish All Your Wishes and Mine is a whimsical tale for children that celebrates friendship and well-wishing. The story centers on a boy and a girl who meet and give each other their dreams, embarking on a journey of imagination and fantasy. Author and illustrator Vaeta Zitman is a Venezuelan-born artist whose paintings have been shown in major galleries across the US. Her bright, distinctive illustrations lend I Wish All Your Wishes and Mine a special magic that will delight children of all ages.

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