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Fun Friday: Read the Signs

September 24, 2010

There's nothing to say. Sometimes a picture truly is worth a thousand words . . .

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How to Comment on Blogs (and Drive Traffic Back to Your Author Website)

September 21, 2010

Courtesy of MyspaceEverywhere you turn, you’re hearing about the power and influence of bloggers. They’ve taken over the Internet, and many rival traditional media as venues for authors trying to get their books in front of readers.

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Nonfiction Authors: Make Your Content Actionable

September 14, 2010

There are many qualities that make a piece of nonfiction great. Style, voice, and organization all come together to form asolid work that flows well and educates the reader. However, to truly be powerful, the content of your nonfiction piece must also be actionable.

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When Book Titles Go Wrong

September 13, 2010

This title is wrong on many levels, but so worth sharing. This is a great example of why you need to take time to mull over a title and get feedback from a variety of people before going to print. Oh well, at least it provides us with some Monday morning entertainment. Enjoy!

Courtesy of the Fail Blog

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Book Review: Free Fall by Rae Padilla Francoeur

September 10, 2010

Title: Free Fall

Author: Rae Padilla Francoeur

Genre: Memoir/Erotica

Publisher: Seal Press


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How to Get Feedback on Your Manuscript

September 9, 2010

Writing a book can be a lonely experience, and you don’t want to completely isolate yourself during the writing process. It’s important to get feedback, especially while you’re developing an idea. Not only does this help motivate you, it also helps you catch issues and address concerns on the front end rather than trying to overhaul a manuscript after it’s already complete.

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Twitter Made Simple

August 31, 2010

Twitter is a powerful tool. It allows you to connect directly with people of similar interests across the globe. Still, for many people it remains a confusing social media void shrouded in mystery.

In reality, Twitter really is quite simple. This fun video shows you how easy it is to get started and how it works.

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Book Review: Get Over Yourself by Jennifer Beckham

August 27, 2010

Title: Get Over Yourself!

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What Publishers Want From an Author

August 24, 2010

If you have already written a book, or even if you are just considering writing one, you may have asked yourself what it is that publishers are looking for. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula a writer can follow for guaranteed publication. What works and doesn’t work varies by genre, publisher, and other factors outside of the writer’s control.

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