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The Big Bad Book Blog's Link Love

October 14, 2011

In true book nerd fashion, we’ve rounded up our favorite publishing-related links of the week for you! Read on to uncover the best in books this week. If you want to know about these links sooner than Friday afternoon, follow us on Twitter—@GreenleafBookGr.

  • iPad beware: Budget tablets are stepping up to the plate in 2012 by slashing prices to meet the competitive price point of $200. We’ll see who comes out on top after brands like Velocity Micro and Amazon Kindle drive down their prices.
  • The days of happy endings and forever afters are long gone, says New York Times columnist Maria Tatar. Tatar claims that YA authors are crossing over to the dark side: “The savagery we offer children today is more unforgiving than it once was, and the shadows are rarely banished by comic relief. Instead of stories about children who will not grow up, we have stories about children who struggle to survive.”
  • Do terms like Kindle, iPad, Nook, and Kobo make you go cross-eyed? If you’re interested in learning the basics of ebooks, check out this informative webinar featuring Dana Lynn Smith.
  • The National Book Awards finalist were announced this week—but not without error. Shine was mistakenly named in place of the similar-sounding Chime. Sorry Lauren Myracle, you won’t take the gold for the National Book Award this year, but hey, all publicity is good publicity.
  • Amazon goes sci-fi: This week Amazon announced a new imprint, 47North. The imprint will cater to avid readers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, publishing original works as well as previously published titles. 47North’s debut will be comprised of fifteen books, including The Mongoliad: Book One
  • Connecticut gets tough with Amazon, pushing back on the online sales tax issue. State officials stand strong on requiring Internet sellers to collect state sales taxes. BusinessWeek states that taxes in Connecticut should have been collected “at least during the month or so when the new law was in effect and Amazon still had affiliations with websites in Connecticut through its Amazon Associates Program. Amazon severed those ties in June.”
  • Apple and Google go head to head as the iPhone 4S and Droid Bionic battle for smartphone dominance. With the 4S stocking up in stores this week, NPR gives us a low down on its specs versus the Bionic’s Android operating system.
  • An Ode to the Bookstore: None of us wants to see the demise of our beloved independent bookshops. While some critics claim that these stores will soon become archaic, others hold to the belief that the soul of bookstores will stand the test of time.




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