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Get to Know Your Book Tweeple: Publishing Industry Professionals on Twitter

January 4, 2010

Weekly-Tip-2103By the beginning of 2010, you should have heard something about the multipurpose power of Twitter. Tweens can keep tabs on Miley Cyrus; huge corporations can interact with their customers; authors can get visibility with readers. But besides reaching out directly to their target audience of readers, authors can use Twitter to access communities that can be crucial to the success of their book—like booksellers. Generally passionate about their work, booksellers have a large and vocal presence on Twitter, and the Twitter-savvy author would do well to befriend them.
John Kremer has a long list of booksellers on Twitter, and Jennifer Tribe of Highspot Inc. has compiled an amazing directory of book industry people here. In addition to booksellers, Tribe’s list also includes publishers, agents, publicist, author services, and more. As you follow people you’d like to know on Twitter, remember that it’s as useful a listening tool as it is a broadcasting tool: get to know what each specific bookseller uses Twitter for, and join the conversation respectfully, waiting for a while before you start pushing your book on anyone. Once you’ve followed and gotten to know the bookselling community on Twitter, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to stick around: they’re smart, helpful, and a lot of fun.

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