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Greenleaf ’s designers have extensive experience designing books that are eye-catching, interesting, and attractive. The design process usually begins with the cover design and then progresses to the page design and composition. The designers pay particular attention to creating files that are clean, organized, and press-ready—critical steps in avoiding up-charges from printers. Greenleaf ’s designers also spend considerable time researching current trends in each genre and investigating cutting-edge printing technologies that can enhance designs. Design fees vary according to genre, format, and page count, and are quoted after your manuscript is accepted for publication.

Cover Design

Your cover is the most important element of production—more than any other single factor in production, it determines whether or not your book sells. The average consumer spends just eight seconds looking at the front cover and no more than fifteen seconds looking at the back. The average national buyer takes even less time than that to make a decision about the number of copies he or she will buy and whether or not your book is worthy of face-out placement. Good covers don’t guarantee big sales, but bad covers can kill projects.

Greenleaf focuses on compelling combinations of text, art, and color. Our process begins with the development of a few design concepts for the front cover. After working with our clients to choose the most effective concept, we build the spine, back cover, and flaps (when printing dust jackets). Finally, we explore printing technologies that can enhance the design, and then we prepare the files for press.

Page Design and Composition

Page design requires the designer to make decisions about appropriate fonts, presentation of chapter titles, placement of folios (page numbers), and other such elements. It defines the reader’s experience with your book, gives it personality and organization, and is required for professional printing. Greenleaf ’s talented artists have extensive experience in book design and use Adobe InDesign to create unique layouts for each project. For clients using Greenleaf’s editorial services, our composition work includes the incorporation of all corrections made during proofreading.


Illustrations are all-important for children’s books and can add clarity and definition to nonfiction adult titles. Greenleaf ’s book illustration services include information graphics for scientific, business, health, or reference titles and full-color children’s book illustrations.

Advance Reader's Copy Design

Advance reader's copies (aka ARCs or galleys) are bound, uncorrected proofs designed and produced for book reviewers, broadcast media outlets, national retail buyers, and other sources that need books prior to publication. ARCs have specific design and content requirements and are usually simplified paperback versions of the final book. ARCs are not intended for sale and are commonly sent to the printer before the final round of editing. Greenleaf designs, develops, and produces ARCs to meet our authors’ promotion needs and timelines.


Book printing is a very specific industry with strict standards. There are about forty book printers in North America, and your local print shop probably is not one of them. Greenleaf works with the best and the largest book printers in the world. To make the job hassle free for the printer and, therefore, less expensive for you, Greenleaf

  • Determines appropriate print quantities and uses printers that specialize in those quantities
  • Prints in full and half signatures—sixteen-, thirty-two-, or forty-eight-page increments
  • Understands the printing process, stays on top of new printing technologies, and knows the capabilities of each printer
  • Creates clean, press-ready files set up according to strict individual printer specifications
  • Monitors printing schedules carefully to maintain the established timeline

Prices fluctuate from company to company and from week to week in the book industry, so we gather quotes from the best, most affordable printers and choose the company that suits your needs. Once we’ve accepted your manuscript for publication and determined preliminary specifications, we solicit printing estimates for your project.


With the fast-paced nature of today’s society, more and more people are “reading” books in audio format. Greenleaf provides the following audio book production services:

  • Editing—to generate an abridge version ready for audio production
  • Design—to create a package that complements your published book
  • Recording—professional talent and directors, recording studios, and producers
  • Manufacturing—MP3 formatting or mastering, duplication, and packaging of your audio book in CD

Costs associated with audio book production depend on page count and production specifications. Like book printing, we solicit audio book production quotes after we’ve accepted your manuscript for publication.

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