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At Greenleaf, we're dedicated to helping our clients turn ideas into interaction and income, the fundamentals of an Expert Brand Platform. Take the quiz, and find out your Expert Score. 

For more information on our platform development services, please contact us here, or call us at: 512-891-6100. 

(Services available to Greenleaf authors and experts not published by Greenleaf)

Platform Development DiagramFor experts, growing the reach of one’s platform is critical to monetizing knowledge—whether that monetization is through a book, consulting services, speaking, information products or some combination of the above. 

A “platform” is, put most simply, the existing base of people you can reach who have an interest in your message. These people most likely consider you an expert in your field. With thousands of books published every day and countless other thought leaders, spokespeople, and “talking heads” competing for attention, a well-built platform is key to confirming expertise and winning an audience’s attention.

Greenleaf Book Group’s platform development program combines targeted market research with actionable components to increase visibility and credibility. Platform development programs are customized to suit each client’s audience type and specific goals through a strategy built from a broad range of services, including:

  • Author/expert identity and positioning (bios, tag lines, titles, mission statement, etc)
  • Integrated brand strategy
  • Print and online product development (ancillary products)
  • Social media and content building campaigns
  • Fan-building/list-building
  • Testimonial and endorsement outreach
  • Presentation writing and design
  • Website, video and mobile applications
  • Customized creative and viral campaigns


Ownership of rights and best-in-class services are both pillars of Greenleaf Book Group’s business model . Our services are no different – the client always retains complete ownership and rights of the final work. Once Greenleaf’s platform development team has a thorough understanding of the client’s baseline position and objectives, they will recommend a strategy built from a combination of one-time and recurring services to meet the client’s needs.


To request more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us here, or call us at: 512-891-6100.

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