• September 1, 2012
  • Self-Help
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  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9781608323647
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Act Three

Create the life you want after your first career and full-time motherhood

Julie Shifman
The kids have left home, or maybe they’re just getting older and need less attention. Either way, it’s now your turn. You have more time, and you want to do something with it: perhaps go back to work, start a small business, commit to a cause you care about. But if you are like most women, you grapple with imagining what you want to do next—and may be  plagued with doubts about  how to  succeed in the next stage of life.

Millions of women struggle to form a post-full-time motherhood identity, but Julie Shifman’s Act Three turns that transition into an exciting journey of self-exploration. Through insightful advice and fun, hands-on exercises—all based on extensive research—Shifman takes you from imagining the rich possibilities for your third act to actually doing it.

In these pages, you will learn how to

•    identify your “Gifted Passions”—the things you love and have talent for
•    pinpoint your biggest motivators
•    ready yourself for the big changes Act Three will bring
•    take  “baby steps”  to achieve your goals
•    proactively address what might hold you back
•    overcome the obstacles you’ll inevitably encounter along the way

As she encourages and informs, Shifman also shares inspirational real-life stories of “Act Threes” that will make you wonder “Wow, how’d she do that?” She profiles an award-winning documentarian, the founder of an African orphanage, a fitness guru, a nationally syndicated radio host, and more—all of whom started the journey just like you, wondering what they would do next. With the tools and support in this book, you will be well equipped to embark on a fulfilling Act Three.
Julie Shifman started her career as a ballet dancer, leaving ballet to go to law school. After a successful career as a lawyer in New York City and Cincinnati, she reinvented herself again in 2000, establishing Shifman & Associates, a nonprofit business-consulting firm. In 2008, as her own children were leaving the nest, Julie founded Act Three, a company that helps women across the country attain an exciting next stage of life.

In 2010, Julie launched her popular inspirational women’s event called “Imagine . . . Then Do It!” She is now a sought-after inspirational speaker for women’s events and workshops around the country and is a certified coach. She is a recipient of the prestigious Athena award by Cincy magazine and was named as a “Woman to Watch” by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Julie has been married to her husband for twenty-seven years, is the mother of four sons, and is actively involved in the Cincinnati community. She is currently a board member of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Talbert House and the Cincinnati Ballet Company.