• January 1, 2010
  • Self-Help
  • $15.95
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13: 9780984230600
  • Trim: 5in × 7in

As We Grieve

Discoveries of Grace in Sorrow

Jan Groft

Loss knows no boundaries. It arrives on our doorsteps all gussied up in the cruelest of fashions. A person we cherish dies. Someone we love falls terminally ill. Another is snatched away by dementia. The presence of that absence is everywhere, said Edna St. Vincent Millay. Amazingly, it is precisely through these experiences that our hearts may feel buoyed by an unexpected embrace of grace.

In As We Grieve, author Jan Groft weaves together the voices of everyday people who, in the process of grieving, found hope, unveiling nine healing gifts of grace that can be discovered amidst the darkness. Their poignant stories illuminate the gifts memories, humor, strength, discovery, faith, art, wisdom, gratitude and community affirming that even amidst the heartache of loss, we can encounter amazing grace.

Having encountered unexpected moments of grace in her own grief journeys, writer Jan Groft set out to find others who had felt lifted, even momentarily, out of their sorrow.

As a caregiver or survivor, she asked, what got you through each day? What did hope look like?

Their answers a generous outpouring of stories from men and women who had graciously accepted the divine amidst the darkness affirmed her own experiences of feeling embraced in times of loss. From them, nine healing gifts of grace were revealed, inspiring the shape of her new book, As We Grieve: Discoveries of Grace in Sorrow.

A former President/Creative Director of an award-winning advertising agency, Groft, now a personal essayist, also uses her communications skills listening to the dying and those they leave behind, volunteering with hospice patients and facilitating writing workshops for the bereaved. She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College and is the author of a memoir, Riding the Dog: My Fathers Journey Home.
"Jan Groft has written a winner. These are true stories of heavy hearts, which somehow, through faith, find a way to keep beating with joy. "

Barbara Cloud
Retired Pittsburgh Post Gazette Columnist and
Author, By-Line