• March 18, 2014
  • Fiction
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  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9780982945421
  • Trim: 6in × 9in

Blindsided II

Tolman Geffs
Sometimes the most telling event is something that has not occurred. For more than a decade suicide bombings by fanatic Muslims in the Middle East have become daily events. Yet there has not been a single report of martyrdom by a religious or political leader in any of those nations. Obviously, the guys running the show are in no great rush to meet Allah!

Pakistan already possesses nuclear weapons and Iran will soon possess a nuclear arsenal. But despite their rhetoric, they face a dilemma: The United States has a large arsenal of hydrogen-bomb-armed ICBMs and submarine-launched Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles. If our adversaries, as they have loudly promised, use their nuclear devices in an attempt to wipe Israel off the map, they will in turn be vaporized by our far superior arsenal. Our armed services are staffed with exceptionally patriotic Americans.

Therefore, before our adversaries can pursue their goal, they must find a way to neutralize the USA and get away with it. Tragically, this is feasible. We have six vulnerabilities that may mistakenly be decreed to have been “acts of God.” In reality we could be under devastating attack and not realize it!

Each of these vulnerabilities is detailed in Blindsided II. Three of the vulnerabilities do not require the use of nuclear devices and could be easily executed. The other three would utilize nuclear devices—but as energy sources rather than overtly as bombs.

The public misunderstands nuclear devices. They differ from what we know as bombs in that there is no explosive product. They are the instantaneous conversion of a small amount of matter into an enormous amount of energy. In reality what appears to be an explosion is the instantaneous expansion of everything within the line of sight as it is heated to a temperature several times that of the sun’s surface.

The simultaneous execution of the six vulnerabilities detailed would dwarf all prior calamities anywhere—ever! The USA would be brought to its knees.

My objective is to provoke the independent, unbiased simulation, and where feasible, the testing of these threats. If the threats are validated, our adversaries must be dissuaded in advance.