• November 14, 2017
  • Juvenile Nonfiction
  • USD $9.95
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 9780983637769
  • Trim: 8in × 11in

Coquito Escritura Script con Razonamiento Verbal, 2nd Ed.

Everardo Zapata-Santillana

To write is to represent oral language through graphic elements known as letters. In the First grade, writing is reduced to formulating, through letters, words or sentences that are expressed orally. For this reason, reading and writing are consecutive stages. 

Given the concern to adequately manage learning the linguistic ability of writing, Ediciones Coquito presents to teachers and parents this activity book with exercises that reinforce verbal reasoning skills achieved with the textbook Coquito Clásico, guiding writing with the same scope and sequences in block letters or print style. 

This activity book presents multiple images that allow for the association of images and words with activities that enhance visual, auditory and motor discrimination skills. Through these activities, a child will be capable of observing, comparing, and finding similarities and differences in order to achieve increasingly higher levels of thinking and management skills. 

A child will learn correct movement patterns of the hands while writing and other basic motor skills, including improved dexterity in forming letters, better proportionality while tracing and spacing letters, and adequate writing speed. 

The exercises in this activity book are linked to verbal reasoning, so they are permanently used, avoiding a mechanical writing style and preparing children for the production of texts according to their creativity, which is powerfully stimulated with verbal reasoning. 

We hope to once more count on the acceptance of teachers and parents, and we are flattered to have contributed with one more instrument for the purpose of education. 

Elementary School teacher Everardo Zapata-Santillana, author of the learning how-to-read in Spanish book named “Coquito”, was born in the beautiful Tambo Valley in the city of Arequipa, Peru in 1926. At a very early age, he felt the need to study and research a career in teaching, later immersing himself entirely as a teacher and putting to good practice his wide knowledge. He studied in La Escuela Normal de Varones “San Juan Bautista de La Salle”, Arequipa, where he graduated as an Elementary School Teacher. 

He was sent to Punta de Bombóm, Arequipa, a small town where he founded a First Grade School in 1952, which now bears his name and in which he researched and found, during a 7 year period, an appropriate and effective method to teach children to read, write and think. “Coquito” was first published and sold in the city of Arequipa in 1955. 

Today there are 12 countries among South America, Central America, Mexico and The United States in which this book is sold and love, counting more than 38 million of children that learned how to read using the “Coquito” method. Everardo Zapata-Santillana is also the author of more than 60 published teaching materials, for children in preschool and first grade years, all of which are distributed under the corporate brand name “Ediciones Coquito”. 

All of his hard work and dedication have been recognized by the Bureau of Education in Peru where Everardo Zapata-Santillana has been honored with the highest level of recognition given to a teacher known as Las Palmas Magisteriales en su máximo grado de "Amauta". Also the Peruvian Congress awarded him in 2011 with the Official Medal of Honor. The Mayor of the city Arequipa awarded him with the City’s Cultural Gold Medal. He has been named Honorary Professor by “La Universidad de Santa Maria”, a Catholic University in Arequipa. He has also received a Gold Medal by the Arequipa Regional Government, among many other recoginitions. 

Everardo Zapata at his 88 years of age lives in Arequipa, Peru, and while his method is well proven, he is still seeking improved ways to help children and teachers ease the learning process.