Dare Dream Discover

From the US Air Force to the Middle East and Beyond

Jayme Harris

Growing up in the small town of Plant City, Florida, Jayme Harris discovered the importance of dreams at an early age. With a mother who often abandoned her, and a father she barely knew, loneliness and hunger taught her to survive. Little did she know, her dreams would one day materialize into a daring passage of self discovery.

In Dare, Dream, Discover, Jayme scribes the story of her remarkable life journey from meager beginnings to joining the US Air Force to her current life of privilege and success in the Middle East. We travel with her through myriad world eventsfrom civil strife in Kosovo, to the fall of Saddam's regime, to the destructive after effects of the earthquake in Pakistan.

Her writings offer a glimpse of the true human experience, shedding light on misconceptions of and prejudices toward people, cultures, and religions around the world. Through this autobiography, she hopes to unveil the true colors of mankind, as well as open the mind and heart to the possibilities in life.

Jayme's message is simple but powerful; be daring, never stop dreaming, and discover a new world and life waiting for you.

Jayme Harris is a successful managing partner in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.