• April 1, 2016
  • Self-Help
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Dear Daughter

Life Lessons from Your Mother

Judy Smith

Every daughter needs a Mother's heart and a Mother's wisdom

My precious daughter, you are my life, my light and my purpose.  My being truly came to life the day you were born and I cherish being your mother.

I will do everything possible to protect you and guide you through your journey.  You will never be too old for my advice and while I wish I could shield you from sad and tough times, those difficult moments will ultimately provide you with depth, understanding and compassion.

Hopefully these life lessons will ease the discomforts and help you to rejoice with deep gratitude life's shiniest moments.

Author Judy Smith lives in Bucks County, PA near her adorable grandchildren.  She is the co-author of Business Mojo: Achieving Success Through Mystical Exploration and is the author of the Life Lessons Series:

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