Dream Walker

A Journey of Achievement and Inspiration

Dr. Bernard A. Harris & Mickey Herskowitz

Walking in the black void of space, staring at the blue-white planet Earth two hundred and fifty miles below, would be a dream for any young man. For Bernard A. Harris Jr. it became a reality on February 9, 1995, when he floated out the hatch of the space shuttle Discovery.

From humble beginnings in a small Texas town to making history as the first African American to walk in space, Dr. Harris has led a life of inspiration, dedication, and motivation. In Dream Walker, he recounts his formative years in the Navajo Nation into outer space and back to fulfill his earthly mission of planting seeds of self-empowerment and self-determination in todays young minds. He shares bits of wisdom and stories from his fascinating life that will inspire you to take steps toward achieving your dreams.

A role model for todays inner-city youth, Dr. Harris is a medical doctor trained at the Mayo Clinic; a pilot and flight surgeon; a former NASA scientist and astronaut; the founder and managing director of a successful venture capital firm; and the founder and president of the Harris Foundation, whose mission is to empower youth and communities, especially minorities and the economically and/or socially disadvantaged, to develop their full potential and pursue their dreams through national education, health, and wealth programs.