• September 23, 2014
  • Business & Economics
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  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13: 9781626341012
  • Trim: 5.50in × 8.50in

Everybody Paddles (3rd Edition)

A Leaders Blueprint for Creating a Unified Team

Charles A. Archer
Everybody paddles at the same time, in the same direction, toward the same goal.

Drawing on his extensive background as a lawyer and the head of a large New York social service agency, management guru Charles A. Archer has created a completely fresh blueprint for building office teamwork and camaraderie. Used by companies in the United States and abroad, his comprehensive program, Everybody Paddles, is a management model focused on reaching strategic alignment and accelerating change through respect and collaboration.

The Everybody Paddles principles provide an outline for successfully building company consensus and developing effective behavioral dynamics within an organization. Additionally, the principles are important problem-solving tools that provide techniques for solving interpersonal issues within an organization and how to remedy nonproductive dysfunctional patterns.

You’ll learn how to put the right metrics in place, enabling teams to translate operational outcome into business solutions. Each foundation builder outlined in the book—partnerships, associations, collaborations, and teamwork—teaches facilitation skills aimed at helping you increase values, services, experience, engagement, and feedback. Whether the CEO of as global company or the head of a nonprofit, Everybody Paddles provides the insight and guidelines leaders need to unify their team.
Charles A. Archer grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and worked his way through college and law school. After a stint in the District Attorney’s office, he served as an advocate for hundreds of social services agencies in New York before taking the helm of the Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People In Need, Inc. (EDCSPIN). Passionate and assisting, inspiring, and uplifting everyone he can, Archer has initiated a management program called Everybody Paddles that has generated a cooperative, results-oriented culture at EDCSPIN and has expanded into a nationwide movement.