The Hidden Gift in Divorce

Mark Brown

Divorce. Few words evoke a more compelling mix of emotions. If you are struggling to make sense of this puzzling experience, and wanting more than just to survive it, then this beautifully written and compassionate book is for you. Designed for anyone touched by divorce, The Hidden Gift in Divorce illuminates the path to a happier, more meaningful and peaceful life — whether you have unanswerable questions about an extramarital affair, are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of an uncertain future, or are just trying to cope with empty time. Through a unique healing and growth perspective, its wealth of practical, psychological and spiritual guidance encourages the reader to awaken the hidden gift of transcendent living inherent in every life-changing event.

Mark C. Brown, Ph.D., has been a psychologist for over thirty years. A specialist in relationships, he treats couples and families in his private practice near Cleveland, Ohio.