How Much is Enough?

Making Financial Decisions That Create Wealth and Well-being

Arun Abey & Andrew Ford

How can millions of readers come to grips with their financial circumstances at a time when no one seems to have enough? Arun Abey and Andrew Ford believe that the answer lies beyond the balance sheet in the heart, mind, and spirit of the individual investor.

Having advised investors around the globe, the authors dig deep into the latest economic and behavioral research as they bridge the worlds of financial security and personal well-being. They guide readers through a holistic approach to financial planning, one based on the fact that the money is only one element in the overall chemistry of a happy life. Readers will learn how to plan and invest to match their own goals, not those of their brokers or neighbors.

Brilliantly combining economics and psychological thought, How Much is Enough? promises to revolutionize the investment world. Complete with succinct economic advise and stories from those who have found peace beyond their bank accounts this book gives readers the confidence to pursue their own paths toward a secure and fulfilling future. Find happiness and wealth will follow.

Arun Abey cofounded the international lifestyle financial-planning firm, ipac securities, and currently serves as its executive chairman, as well as head of strategy for AXA Asia Pacific. Arun graduated with first class honors in arts and economics degrees from the Australian National University and is a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australia.

Andrew Ford is a marketing and communications expert who has held senior roles in the financial services and publishing industries in Australia and the UK. Andrew earned a bachelor of economics degree from the University of Sydney and currently serves as national communications manager for ipac securities.