Men Are Easy

A Simple Guide to Fun, Sexy, Happy, and Easy Relationships

Lynn Rasmussen

Theres a better way to live your life. Men Are Easy offers women a refreshing new perspective that makes relationships simpler, life more fun, and love more lovely.

Lynn Rasmussen's creative system teaches you the skills that lead to durable, flexible, long-lasting love. With advice to help you enjoy chaos, get creative, and finally understand yourself and your man, Men Are Easy is the handbook for designing a life you know you've chosen instead of trudging through one that feels like someone else's. Whether you're thinking about committing to that one special guy or you've been married for decades, this is the book that shows you how life with a man can be spontaneous, sexy, stable, and easy.

Life coach and systems expert, Lynn Rasmussen applies simple concepts from the new science of complexity to self and relationships. She has an MA in psychology with an emphasis in adult development and systems theory. She's been married for 35 years to her easy husband, Rick.