• January 12, 2016
  • Fiction
  • USD $20.95
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN-13: 9781626342477
  • Trim: 6.00in × 9.00in


Robert Cook
Iran’s nightmare nuclear attack on Israel is imminent, and former Marine and CIA Special Operations hunk, Alejandro Mohammed Cuchulain—otherwise known as Cooch—is back! Wielding his stunning brand of physical violence with the grace of a matador, Cooch brings intellect and Islamic scholarship to bear on the Iranians to entice them back to their senses in this third installment of the series. But before that can happen, a US-delivered electromagnetic pulse fries every circuit in Iran.

In this gripping national security thriller, Cooch and his elite entourage assemble again to choreograph the US response to Iran’s plan. Smart men and even smarter women take center stage in the most exclusive inner sanctums of Washington, DC. But ultrasophisticated computers, powerful weaponry, and technology are the real stars. Cell phones project lessons on a screen one minute and summon a drone the next, and the eponymous pulse that seeks and destroys anything with a wire or a chip, can take down the Internet, television, radio, pacemakers, and operating rooms in seconds.

Robert Cook takes us front and center into chilling scenarios in the Middle East, and into the complicated mesh of personalities at work on both sides. Whether you’re a Cooch aficionado or a first-time Cook reader, you’ll be swept up as the action travels from Morocco to upscale East Coast enclaves and back to the torpedo-infested waters off of Iran. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Iran receives the unmistakable message that the US is not going to sit back and watch from the sidelines.
Robert Cook served as a major in the United States Army and is a Vietnam veteran. He received the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation Medal, and holds the Parachutist Badge. He is an active philanthropist, a vintner, and was a self-described serial entrepreneur in the computer software business. He is the author of two previous national security thrillers, Cooch and Patriot & Assassin. Pulse is his third novel and was named a 2015 International Book Awards finalist in the Thriller/Adventure category.