Secrets of Happy Couples

Loving Yourself, Your Partner, and Your Life

Kim Olver

What makes happy couples happy? The answers are far more complex and challenging than you might think. Keep in mind that any relationship is the sum of its parts: two individuals. Thats how it starts, and unless you and your partner die at the same moment, thats how it ends.

Whats in between is determined by the ability of each individual to bring their fullest self to love. Making that happen is at the heart of Secrets of Happy Couples. Whether you're in love and want to make it better, or are alone and want to get it right next time, relationship expert Kim Olver reveals the hidden truths behind happiness and satisfaction.

Kim Olver is a licensed professional counselor, life coach, founder of Coaching for Excellence LLC, and creator of the InsideOut Empowerment process. She spent two years compiling the research and survey data for Secrets of Happy Couples. For more than two decades she has helped clients get along better with the important people in their lives including themselves at home and at work.