The Birth of a Blazer Man

The Future is No Place for a Kid

Brandon Christopher
If you loved The Job Pirate, the prequel travels back to where the story began—junior high.

In this riotous memoir, Brandon Christopher reflects on life as an unusually tall, mischief-obsessed altar boy in Los Angeles, California. Each chapter is a short story detailing Christopher’s cringe-worthy yet laughable childhood experiences. Irreverent and unabashedly honest, this coming-of-age story reminds readers how difficult, bizarre, and hilarious growing up can be.
Brandon Christopher is an artist, novelist and journalist. He has published over a dozen short stories and essays in magazines, literary journals, websites and anthologies. He is also a writer and producer of several documentaries and TV biographies, including: Just for the Record -- The Rolling Stones, the highly acclaimed 16-hour documentary The Definitive Elvis, and The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made.