• May 1, 2009
  • Fiction
  • $24.95
  • Format: Casebound - Adhesive
  • ISBN-13: 9781929774890
  • Trim: 6in × 9in

The Boss

Andrew O'Keeffe

Based on true stories of workers under siege, The Boss tells the story of Lauren Johnson, a miserable but clear-eyed employee struggling under a self-serving, insensitive boss who undermines her at every turn. Amusing and wry, the story progresses as Lauren is forced to upwardly manage one inept leader after another: the brown-noser, the backstabber, the micromanager, the passive aggressive, and the idea stealer. Lauren just wants to get her job done, but every manager seems to throw up one more needless hurdle. Forced into a final decision, Lauren must fight back or have her spirit crushed.

Packed with characters and situations that will resonate with anyone who has struggled in the cubicle-filled rat race, The Boss is a cautionary tale of the turbulent world of office life. This eye-opening novel will spawn dynamic dialogue about the fear, pettiness, and idiocy of corporate-level politics.

Andrew O'Keeffee has been a senior human resources executive with a number of organizations, including IBM, Cable & Wireless, and Hewitt Associates. He is now principal of Hardwired Humans, a leadership—consulting firm. He studied economics and industrial relations at the University of Sydney.